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COVID-19 Essentials

A one-stop-shop for all COVID 19 needs around safety and sanitization products.  We also seek to serve bulk buying needs for healthcare professionals and organizations as our nation continues to fight the virus. In these unprecedented times, Health my cart remains committed to serving our nation by providing instant access and delivering products safely to customers across the country. We deliver the requirements of customers without compromising safety. Shipment of the most essential health products required for protecting against Novel Coronavirus with the best eCommerce solution. The products are aimed at minimizing exposure to Virus.

Sanitizer: Our hands touch a lot of surfaces every day, which can unintentionally spread germs, making you and your loved ones sick. Sanitizer also comes in a convenient easy to carry that helps protect you when you are out of the home. Ensuring proper hand hygiene habits you and your family can act as the first line of defence against germs.

Mask: Antipollution facemask, personal protective equipment that is used to protect you from airborne particles and from liquid contaminating the face. It is enhanced multilayer filtration with Nonwoven fabric. It is easy to use, breathable, soft lining and fibreglass free with the nose clip.

PPE Kit: At the hour of crisis health my cart is ensuring the safety of the people who are safeguarding us. The PPE Kit ensures standard precautions for the airborne disease. It is free size and adjustable and Protects against virus and dry dust. PPE prevents contact with an infectious agent, by creating a barrier between the potential infectious material and the health care worker.

Gloves: We are frequently exposed to germs, bacteria, viruses or other harmful agents that can enter the body through contact. It is necessary to take relevant precautions. It provides basic hand protection from dirt, dust and other impurities.


Medical instruments are used for diagnostic, monitoring and therapeutic purposes for a variety of indications. These instruments are commonly used in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and healthcare provider. Some medical instruments can also be used at home to monitor and detect any progress.

Hospital Equipment:  

Buy a wide range of brand new hospital & medical equipment’s. We help assure excellent patient care by outfitting our facility with the right hospital supplies. All of the products offered by us are trusted by expert doctors and medical consultants. Our premium quality services are availed by a large number of clients spread all over our country. We make avail all of our product range at very prices.

Mobility Aids: Whether you are an elderly or a patient recovering from an injury. We stock a range of reliable mobility aids including wheelchairs, walkers and more.

Hospital Bed: Hospital beds provide great comfort, being able to control your head and foot position is important for patients.

Medical Devices:  Medical equipment provides therapeutic benefits for illnesses. The use of this equipment must be prescribed by a physician. Buy a long-term and reusable device that can be used in the hospital or at home for patient care. There are several types of durable medical equipment availed.

Physio & Ortho Products:  Health my cart helps treat orthopaedic problems like fractures, joint pains, sprains, etc. Ortho Hospital/ Nursing Home can find a variety of orthopaedic products at attractive prices.


Being able to perform daily living tasks independently or with minimal assistance has a profound impact on the emotional well-being of people who are injured, elderly or disabled. If you or someone for whom you care has difficulty performing daily living tasks due to a medical condition or disability, there are a variety of products on the market to assist them and help them enjoy greater independence. Our Daily Living range consists of products that can be used are part of the everyday routines that people who live with a disability might struggle with.

General Wellness:   Find the best health and wellness products. We offer everything you need to lead a balanced lifestyle. Whether you're preparing for your next workout women or searching for the perfect stress reliever, take a look at our selection - you'll love our wellness products as much as we do.

Leisure Products: Uncompressing quality of products that are not only in extraordinary in design and quality but also their ability to serve as a companion. Leisure items range keeps you entertained. Browse our leisure r products online.

Adult Diapers: Buy Diapers for adults Online at best prices. Find all types of diapers for adults like pant style diapers & other diapers for adults on our website. We offer overnight, tape & pull-up diapers for old age & incontinence problem.

Personal Care:  Personal care aids can help you to retain your independence by helping you to perform daily living tasks with greater ease.  We have a large selection of personal care solutions to meet your needs.