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Hand sanitizers.

Hand sanitizer is a Liquid based formula that is used to clean and disinfect the hands. It is a very convenient way to clean your hands in places where there is no soap and water. Just put some Liquid in your palm and rub it all over your hands to ensure good hand hygiene.

Let’s get to know about the ingredients, benefits and uses of hand sanitizers.

Ingredients of Hand Sanitizer.

Alcohol is the most important ingredient in making hand sanitizer. The optimum alcohol concentration in a hand sanitizer is above 65%. Alcohol kills many types of bacteria and viruses that also includes flu virus.

-  Glycerine moisturizes the hands and protects them from the drying effect of the alcohol. It makes the effect of hand sanitizer gentler on the hands.

Natural essential oils help to add fragrance to the hand sanitizers. In addition, their beneficial compounds help to soothe the skin and kill bacteria.

- Demineralised water or DM water is free from dissolved mineral salts. It draws in the dirt and contamination and eliminates bacteria and viruses.

 Benefits of Hand sanitizer.

- Hand sanitizers are generally said to be more effective in killing microorganisms(like harmful bacteria) than soap and water.

- Alcohol based hand sanitizers prove to be antibacterial and antimicrobial. It can kill 99.99% of germs in less than 30 seconds.

- Hand sanitizers are convenient, portable and easy to use. Soaps can be contaminated because of the direct touch whereas hand sanitizers are stored in bottles and are considered to be safer.

 Uses of Hand sanitizer.

- Hand sanitizers are used in hospitals, clinics and healthcare units, where people are more prone to bacteria and viruses.

-  They are used in schools to teach children proper hand hygiene.

-  They are used by the general public in order to not get sick and keep their hands clean.

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