Darwin Advanced Gel Based Hand Sanitiser

Isopropyl Alcohol - 68, Carbopol, TEA, IMUS, Urea, EDTA, Water Q.S.

Apply small amount of sanitizer on to the palm of hands and rub briskly until dry. Do not wash off after use.


Darwin Advanced Gel Based Hand Sanitizer helps disinfect your hands instantly. 68% isopropyl alcohol in this hand sanitizing formula helps in fighting the toughest germs off your hands. It is effective against a wide range of bacteria and fungus and also helps reduce the spread of infection and virus by hands. The gel-based formulation helps in restoring the hydration and moisture your hands need. The perfect sanitizer for you and your family!


  • Instant hand sanitiser that kills the toughest germs and virus
  • This hand sanitizer with gentle, natural ingredients will leave your hands soft and fresh
  • Gentle and non-irritating formula that can be used by all
  • Easy to carry anywher

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